Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rest in Peace

Why do we need rest in peace?
Why after death, relaxation and at ease?
Why do we not care any body in youth and tease?
Is the peace available on demand and lease?

This question all the time baffle,
Mind and thoughts both scuffle,
Was it not in our hands to make life?
Less vulnerable when situation was rife,

Whole life we struggled and fought,
For nothing but gain or loss brought,
Blessings, grace never desired and sought,
Did all stupidity but never got caught,

Played hell with human lives an values,
Never paid their honourable dues,
Longed for pleasure and honeydews,
Considered lucky among wealthy few,

Thought of purchasing simply by money,
Muscle and wealth power only main key,
Wondered at sea shores for precious pearls,
Did not bother about any or abuse hurls,

After so much dismal and poor show,
Concern for late life naturally grow,
Heart skips with at simple voice of crow,
Reddishness on cheek disappears and dimmed glow,

Days and nights seem so longer,
Early end of life grow so stronger,
In my own circle I am reduced to stranger,
I have no hard feelings and even anger,

With passage of time D day has come?
Even with disliking it is always welcome,
Final end may be near and still no rest,
I try to conceal face with optimum best,

Why to have peace even in grave?
Life I lived with front brave.
It is not on with final fare well,
Rest may be ok but not final tale.

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