Saturday, September 12, 2009

no title

You're nothing more than
Just my Love
Everything; which is everything
Is all there was
Is and still to be
Empty fluttering my panic
Is amidst the void
The void is left, all that's left
That and the listless
Faintful knees

The pouting and crying
And struggled breath
Grips the grasp of the
Faithful dark; clutching not
But all in all
Leading us down the
Hallowed hall appalled to be
Too large too small
My panic sets as
Hate begets

Plot the plight as it
Turns for worse
The stony heart; that hateful thing
Sings its song to bliss
Its own, the seeds it's sown
The time I've sown
With all my Love
To stay the course
Clutching not; was all for not
The dark ensues is all that's
Left and all that's left; my panic
Sets as the pain begets

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