Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Friends Forever , I miss you GUYS ! poem .

You guys were my best friends,
my shoulders to cry on,
you guys helped me mend my broken hearts,
and laugh the long days away.
We spent every day together at school,
and even on the weekends,
without you two guys in my life,
i would have gotten no where.
We have shared so many inside jokes,
and way too many laughs,
we've ran around like idiots,
and we've made complete fools of ourselves.
You guys were my suport system,
you guys made sure I was never in tears,
you guys spent day after day making me laugh,
and trying to sheild me from all the hurt in life.
You guys were like my family,
my best friends and older brothers,
you guys made sure the guys i dated were nice,
though none of them ever met your standers.
For you guys no one was ever good enough for me,
you guys disapporved of every guy for a fear of me being hurt,
for you guys no guy would ever be good enough for me,
and no guy would ever get your approval.
Mathew me and you were lunch moniters for the grade twos,
we laugh everyday away at lunch and always made idiots of ourselves,
from joking around about my zipper earrings to running the tv around,
from joking around about having road rage to having our serouse talks.
Mathew, you were the smile on my face for so long,
my best friend and without you I wouldnt have learned how to be myself,
you taught me not to care what people think and to always try my best,
and because of you i have gotten to where I am today.
Joey, you've been my best friend for as long as i can remember,
my best friend and someone like an older brother to me,
you have protected me from so much hurt and pain in my life,
and you have been my shoulder to cry on countless times.
We've laughed and joked around about boys and stupid names,
we had our stupid lil fights but way more laughs and jokes,
like making our movie about your scotter and making fun of boys,
you have always made me laugh and smile.
You two boys have done countless things for me,
you guys were so much more then my best friends you guys were family,
and now we never talk anymore theres no communication,
and it hurts me inside everyday to realise i've lost my best friends.
You boys will always hold this special place inside my heart,
I havent forgotten about either of you guys and I never will,
theres always going to be memouries of us replaying in my mind,
and pictures of our crazy moments that we can always look at.
You guys will never be forgotten and I will never turn my back on yous,
we just all have our own lives and I guess we're just always busy,
but I really do need you guys back into my life,
because without my best friends lifes just not the same.

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