Friday, January 22, 2010

My Love..

This time it felt different,
As if it was somehow stronger,
It seemed like this would last,
Yet it did not last any longer.

As I try and think of what went wrong,
Of why it did not last,
I come to find it was my fault,
That I was such an ass.

I could have done a lot different,
I could have done it right,
I could be sleeping soundly,
Instead of staying up all night.

I wonder if there's still hope,
If I call her would she listen,
I wonder if I told her sorry,
How much of her I am missing.

Would she stay on the phone,
Long enough for me to say,
That I long to be with her again,
Every night... every day.

Would she accept my apology,
Would she listen to my plea,
Would she want to forgive,
Would she want to see me.

I worry about her answer,
I fear a response of no,
I don't want to lose her,
I don't want to let go.

But I will never have closure,
Unless I pick up the phone,
And accept my actions as of late,
The mistakes I cannot condone.

Maybe she will listen,
Maybe she will not,
And if this struggle I do not win,
Well... at least I fought.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thank you for the good times,

The days you filled with pleasure.

Thank you for fond memories,

And for feelings I'll always treasure.

Thank you so much for all you do;

You're truly a delight;

When my life overwhelms and does me in,

You make everything all right.

I've learned so much from you

About loving, sharing, giving;

I know if I hadn't met you,

I wouldn't be really living.

We're facing life together;

We're handling joy and sorrow;

I'm glad you're on my side,

Whatever comes tomorrow.

You care about people

and it shows.

You are generous with your time,

giving of your energy,

lavish with your unselfish deeds.

I will remember your kindness to me.

Thank you for brightening my world

with your thoughtfulness.

It really meant a lot.

To all nuffnangers

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Heart 2

I am the wave and you the rock
Against which I must break:
Again, again the crushing jolt,
The pain I can't forsake;
Again, again a long retreat
To safety, far from shore,
And then again, I don't know why
The long trip back for more.
Perhaps it is nostalgia for,
A long uncertain glow,
Or just some hope so beautiful,
I cannot let it go
Perhaps it is the need to try
For those who must depend
On who we are and what we do,
From whom this should not end.
What evil makes you heart me so,
What defect of the heart?
What sense there is no greater whole
Of which you are a part?
What lonely choise that only you
Be served by what you choose ?
What hard , hard fear of losing what
It is a gift to lose ?
I dream sometimes my waiting love
Has made you turn again.
But you care only yourself ,
And i must love in vain

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Heart

I don't know why...?
You've taken over my thoughts
I can't axplain..

My heart aches when i wrote to you
My heart aches when i don't hear from you
My heart aches when i long from you

You're still stranger
Far away
I want you close by

My heart aches
I miss your ambrase
Holding you close

I miss you my best frieand....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fighting for.....?

I must resist the need
To take my life forever
The Holy Spirit heed
Can we get through together?
What if I do let go
And give it all to Him?
Will true peace I know?
Will He take it all on Him?
All I need is trust in God
To heal me from within
My faith in God just seems so small...
Can God take away this pain?
I hear that He forgives me
I struggle every day
I accept the gift He gave me
as God takes my hurts away
But these hurts, they seem too big
For even God to take away.
Every moment that I live
Within my heart they stay
Afraid, alone, despairing
Feeling so out of control
Inside my heart not caring
My heart no longer whole
Fighting to keep fighting
Trying to survive
Inside I feel I'm dying
One memory at a time.
But now my heart is troubled.
I struggle to survive.
The intensity has doubled.
They want to take my life.
I feel it's coming soon...
I'm weary in this fight.
Victory I will pursue...
Against them I will fight.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kiss me,kiss me more...

kiss me and make the sorrowful pain go away
kiss me and tell me everything will soon be okay

kiss me and hold me tightly close to you
kiss me and whisper sweet words that are true

kiss me and and lay me on the bed
kiss me from my toes to my head

kiss me here and kiss me there
kiss me all over and anywhere

kiss me softly
and kiss me hardly

kiss me while you caress my hips
kiss me after you lick my lips

kiss me kiss me kiss me more
and if you can't do that at least for once let me through the door

Mizz.BabyGirl Brown

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All My Best Frieand

All are my best frieand,
on whom i can always count on,
who always close to me,
All are my frieand,
i never make excuses,
and never lies,
who know what i am thinking,
All are my frieand,
to whom i would like,
i don't have precious gift for you,
only smile.....(click)
I hope you know I would not be the person I am today, with out you.
All my best friend.