Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kiss me,kiss me more...

kiss me and make the sorrowful pain go away
kiss me and tell me everything will soon be okay

kiss me and hold me tightly close to you
kiss me and whisper sweet words that are true

kiss me and and lay me on the bed
kiss me from my toes to my head

kiss me here and kiss me there
kiss me all over and anywhere

kiss me softly
and kiss me hardly

kiss me while you caress my hips
kiss me after you lick my lips

kiss me kiss me kiss me more
and if you can't do that at least for once let me through the door

Mizz.BabyGirl Brown


NiNa' said...

just kiss me..

Anonymous said...

is always waiting for your kisses everiday

hBz said...

whos de miz brown? sory. not follow u b4.erk. all this u create ur own self?

ps : the past is past. now. we friend!