Friday, January 8, 2010

Fighting for.....?

I must resist the need
To take my life forever
The Holy Spirit heed
Can we get through together?
What if I do let go
And give it all to Him?
Will true peace I know?
Will He take it all on Him?
All I need is trust in God
To heal me from within
My faith in God just seems so small...
Can God take away this pain?
I hear that He forgives me
I struggle every day
I accept the gift He gave me
as God takes my hurts away
But these hurts, they seem too big
For even God to take away.
Every moment that I live
Within my heart they stay
Afraid, alone, despairing
Feeling so out of control
Inside my heart not caring
My heart no longer whole
Fighting to keep fighting
Trying to survive
Inside I feel I'm dying
One memory at a time.
But now my heart is troubled.
I struggle to survive.
The intensity has doubled.
They want to take my life.
I feel it's coming soon...
I'm weary in this fight.
Victory I will pursue...
Against them I will fight.


hBz said...

wah.sekian lama.lepas sudah jari-jemari beliau.

ya. its good when we know, sedar akan diri kita jauh, terjatuh, barulah kita akan ingat. selamat beramal.

Anonymous said...

fighting for..??
ayat sendiri ke? leh wat buku nih

Melmo said...

wonderful poem.

Nina said...