Sunday, December 13, 2009


Why wars in our world?
When would we stop wars?
Where is another word for war?
What would end wars in our world?
When would the wicked onesStop winning us to war?
When would we stop weeping from wars?
When we can weigh our word
And with wisdom mend our fences
When we can weigh our chances
And with wisdom weaken our warful utterances
And in a warm way win with words
Why wars in our own world?
When would we put out the fire of wars?
Where are our generals for peace
Who will with wisdom make war cease?
What will make our wise ones win with words?
When would the wicked ones stop winning us to wars?
What wars can win is nothing but bulletsPain,
unwelcomed wants and unnecessary needs
What words can win is something
more meaningful
Than battles, tanks, riffles and bombs
Why do we have to wait for war?
When we can willingly wake with words
What war can win
Words with wisdom will warmly win!


afayufu said...



without war we do not know what is peace
"jgn berperang saudara"

Bayu Fajar Pratama said...

nice poem ...

NiNa' said...

love peace no war.>_<

but war still needed in human history ~

narti said...

kunjungan balik, makasih.
maaf nulis disini, shoutmixnya error.

stop war, peace please!

Anonymous said...

Good poems, keep sharing to us !

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Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping by my page.
u have talent in writing poems.
keep on writing and sharing.
i'll be browsing through this blog times and times again...

Hitsuke said...

hm..very nice poem..


Jaqueline Sales said...

Thanks for visit mey friend!

Feliz Navidad! Happy new year!

kotajepara said...

You have very great blog... nice to visit this blog...

nn said...

u shud read the first casualty by ben elton. cerita pasal orang yang xmau pergi perang sbb benda tu useless.

Anonymous said...

lagu yang mantap friend