Thursday, August 27, 2009

i love u

Heaven whispered into my ear,
That one day,
One special lady would come my way.
And that special lady is- is You.
These days now,your embrace feels so sweet.
This is something I dream abouteverytime I go to sleep.
When I see your face,you take my breath away.
And I forget everythingI want to say.
I just like to lay back,
and stare at you.'
Cause you`re the only one I think about in everything I do.
I love it when I`m around you.
Everyday I want to get close to you.
It`s like I`m falling from a mountain-top.
My heart keeps pounding, and it won`t stop.
Let`s forget about our past,and make this love forever last.
Just make the call,and take it all.
There`s no need to stall.
I won`t make you wait,
Beause it`s my love you can`t escape.

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